Those of you who have been in my class have seen this little toy. I have it labeled “LOCK-OUT/TAG-OUT NOT REQUIRED even though it’s an electrical device, because it’s smarter than most. It doesn’t do much, but as I say, I’m easily amused. In fact, all it does if you flip the toggle switch on the top is turn itself back off… hence the safety without LOTO. Turn it on and a little plastic piece comes out, turns itself back off and then quickly retreats into the box for the next round.

You can buy kits or find your way to free plans here. There are also some entertaining videos to watch of useless boxes in action.

Use this file to print your own label.

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For all of you who enjoyed the Duct Tape Factory Tour in last year’s Refresher class. Here’s an image that would make Red Green go wild!

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Summer is Finally Here

Jul 30, 2009

Well, I don't want to complain. I like the cooler than normal weather we've been having this Summer. That probably makes the heat and humidity we've had for a few days even worse… or at least noticeable. Anyways, these guys know how to cool off… or NOT! This is a slide from this year's training that reminds us to take a safety break, but never a break from safety.

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I always try to build some fun into my training. Ideally there's a serious point to it, but occasionally it's tough to combine the two and I just surrender to "let's have some fun and see what happens." Most times I'm pleasantly surprised like having a little contest between operators of this little radio-controlled forklift. The frank discussions that have erupted comparing how operators drive the real things just like the shortcuts they invariably take with the toy are better than we could ever get from a powerpoint. Many have wanted to take the fun home… literally, so I promised to post a link to where I got my forklift so you can get your own and the fun truly never has to end… at least until the batteries run out. Click here to visit Yeah, that's right, I am. But you already knew that.
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Funny Break Photo

Jun 15, 2009

Okay, like just about every other PowerPoint presenter, I don't know what we did as trainers before the internet, but since it's here we all use those funny photos you can find everywhere. I was conducting MSHA Refresher training on Friday and got a request for sharing this photo that I use to let us know it's time to take a break, or a stretch as I labeled the slide. It occured to me that this would be another great way to use the blog. So, if you're in one of my classes and had a favorite part of the class OTHER than what I was actually trying to get across, you'll probably find it here eventually. Of course, I'm not going to share them before I get some mileage out of them in class. Though most everyone enjoys these no matter how many times they see them.

Just click on the Category HUMOR and you'll be able to find all the funny stuff eventually. At this posting you'll only find two, but there's more to come.

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