Holiday Greetings

Dec 1, 2015

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We’d like to be the first to wish you holiday greetings, but of course we’d have to have done that in August or something like that. 😉 Seriously, we know we’re not the first, but don’t want to be the last either, so be safe. No time is more precious than today whether it’s before a holiday or not. We want to remind you of that here at Complete Safety Solutions. Give the gift of yourself and be sure to do your work the way you know it’s supposed to be done, safely. In spite of a bad start, it looks like mining may end up with at least a better year than last year when it comes to fatalities. Still, too many homes are missing a loved-one this season that they shouldn’t have had to miss. It’s hard to say how we can prevent all mining related deaths, but it’s very simple to prevent the next one. Do your share and work safely.

We wish the best of everything. Enjoy the holidays.

Randy and Jolene

Download MSHA’s Holiday Alert here. (pdf)

c542990_sWe all should be concerned about knowing more about the chemicals used in the workplace, but just because we buy products for home use doesn’t alone mean they are any safer. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a very helpful Household Products Database online. You’ll even find many of the chemicals you may use at work that can be purchased at the local hardware or department store. Check it out here.

MSHA and the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association have teamed up to produce a web page on MSHA’s site that provides everything an aggregate miner or contractor needs to know… even if the disclaimer is needed to say it’s still your responsibility to be sure you are compliant in every way. It’s SAFETY PRO IN A BOX!

These are not new materials, but it’s certainly helpful to have them accessible from one page, something tries to do all the time. There are Web Education and Training Resources, Paperwork Requirements, and links to MSHA Handbooks, the Instructor Guide Series, Streaming Media Clips, and more!

But why am I telling you what’s there when you can check it out here!

Now about whether you can actually put a Safety Professional in a box or not without providing confined space training… Ha! will provide a permanent link to the site under our Resources Tab, so you can always find one in a box if yours is out wandering around.

We just added an exciting new feature to our email lists and web page. We will be asking your opinion from time to time on important safety issues and your needs for training and materials. AND we'll be having some fun with it too with an occasional silly poll or so.

You can participate in the current one by clicking here. It asks three simple questions about what training, materials, and seminars you need for your safety issues.

One thing that will make even the serious surveys fun is that you get to see how everyone else responded. Find out if you're normal or more like me.

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Jul 12, 2008

Alot has been going on at Complete Safety Solutions. There is a new assistant, new courses and services in the works, and right here, a new blog! We will be posting information and links concerning mining and construction safety… and some that are just plain fun. Join us here for safety news and ideas. Join in the conversation by posting a comment. Participate. Bookmark us.

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