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dec-21-2016A miner was trying to determine why clay was not flowing properly by examining a chute that discharged into a screw conveyor. Instead of using a ladder to look inside, he stood on top of the metal screw conveyor cover his foot slipped and he fell approximately three feet to the grating floor hitting his head and suffered serious injuries.


  • Identify all potential tripping and falling hazards before working.
  • Look for fall hazards such as unprotected floor openings or edges, shafts, skylights, stairwells, and roof openings.
  • Select, wear, and use the appropriate fall protection equipment for the task.
  • Provide and use appropriate lighting in work areas after dark.
  • Use appropriate ladder for job task.

Download MSHA Alert HERE.

TRAM Presentation

Oct 14, 2016

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-8-29-33-pmOne of the great benefits of attending TRAM is that MSHA distributes DVD’s with all presentations on them. The bad thing is these take some time to prepare, create, and mail. People in my presentation expressed an interest in having some of the material available ASAP, so here it is. It’s common for TRAM to provide the type of energy that make you want to start putting the ideas to work as soon as you get home.

Here’s the link to my presentation. If you have any problems accessing it please let me know.

Holiday Greetings

Dec 1, 2015

Fun house

We’d like to be the first to wish you holiday greetings, but of course we’d have to have done that in August or something like that. 😉 Seriously, we know we’re not the first, but don’t want to be the last either, so be safe. No time is more precious than today whether it’s before a holiday or not. We want to remind you of that here at Complete Safety Solutions. Give the gift of yourself and be sure to do your work the way you know it’s supposed to be done, safely. In spite of a bad start, it looks like mining may end up with at least a better year than last year when it comes to fatalities. Still, too many homes are missing a loved-one this season that they shouldn’t have had to miss. It’s hard to say how we can prevent all mining related deaths, but it’s very simple to prevent the next one. Do your share and work safely.

We wish the best of everything. Enjoy the holidays.

Randy and Jolene

Download MSHA’s Holiday Alert here. (pdf)

mnm-serious-accident-alert073015Potash Facility – A miner was entangled in the belt system while unloading a rail car into a belly dump haul truck using a portable conveyor system. The miner was released from the hospital without any apparent broken bones or lacerations. A similar accident occurred at a sand and gravel mine in 2014, however that accident resulted in a fatality. [2014 #12 MNM]

Best Practices

  •  Ensure that persons are trained, including task training, to understand the hazards associated with the work being performed.
  • Establish and discuss safe work procedures before beginning work. Identify and control all hazards associated with the work to be performed and use methods to properly protect persons.
  • Conduct work place examinations before beginning any work.
  • Position mobile conveyors to eliminate exposure of moving parts before operating.
  • Identify hazards around conveyor systems, design guards, and or emergency stop systems before putting into operation.
  • Always provide and maintain guarding sufficient to prevent contact with moving machine parts.
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing when working near moving machine parts.
  • Do not place yourself in a position that will expose you to hazards while performing a task.
  • Provide and maintain a safe means of access to all working places.

Click here for: MSHA Alert for Posting (pdf)


A ladder safety Powerpoint and PDF were released by MSHA at a February 5 Stakeholders Meeting.  The Powerpoint version includes 62 slides, most of which include extensive detail in the notes section that aren’t visible to the regular viewing audience when presented. MSHA intends that “it will serve as the basis for a series of inspector trainings on ladder safety in the coming months, and will ensure that MSHA inspectors, miners and mine operators are all working with the same information”.

Major areas covered include: Ladder construction and maintenance; requirements specific to fixed and portable ladders; underground ladders and travelways; and the differentiation between ladder standards and safe access standards. Photographs in the presentation clearly show proper and improper practices, and note which conditions would be cited in an inspection.

Get it along with other materials from the meeting here.

luxmeterIn my MSHA Refresher classes this year we’re doing an activity measuring the light levels in and out of the classroom. It’s a good opportunity to become familiar with how greatly they can vary and how they can actually be measured easily. I found an online resource that goes into detail about levels of light and the three different measurements dealing with the same light source. For everyone interested in going more in depth into this subject I provide the link here.

The MSHA Rule says:

30 CFR § 56/57.17001 

Illumination of surface working areas.
Illumination sufficient to provide safe working conditions shall be provided in and on all surface structures, paths, walkways, stairways, switch panels, loading and dumping sites, and work areas.

So while there’s no definite requirement to measure, measuring can give you an idea if you are meeting the standard or not, or at least give you a better understanding of what is sufficient or not.

transitioning to safer chemicalsAmerican workers use tens of thousands of chemicals every day. While many of these chemicals are suspected of being harmful, only a small number are regulated in the workplace.

As a result, workers suffer more than 190,000 illnesses and 50,000 deaths annually related to chemical exposures. Workplace chemical exposures have been linked to cancers, and other lung, kidney, skin, heart, stomach, brain, nerve, and reproductive diseases.

OSHA has an online tool that is handy for helping you examine the chemicals you use. You can find it here.

Bulldozer Alert

Jan 22, 2014

c440973_mMSHA issued a bulldozer alert because of some accidents that recently occurred. A non-fatal accident occurred when a bulldozer over-turned on an embankment, rolling onto a bench below. Low temperatures and frozen ground created the condition, which lead to the accident. The alert makes a nice handout or toolbox talk for operators and non-operators alike.

The pdf of the alert is here.

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