mnm-serious-accident-alert073015Potash Facility – A miner was entangled in the belt system while unloading a rail car into a belly dump haul truck using a portable conveyor system. The miner was released from the hospital without any apparent broken bones or lacerations. A similar accident occurred at a sand and gravel mine in 2014, however that accident resulted in a fatality. [2014 #12 MNM]

Best Practices

  •  Ensure that persons are trained, including task training, to understand the hazards associated with the work being performed.
  • Establish and discuss safe work procedures before beginning work. Identify and control all hazards associated with the work to be performed and use methods to properly protect persons.
  • Conduct work place examinations before beginning any work.
  • Position mobile conveyors to eliminate exposure of moving parts before operating.
  • Identify hazards around conveyor systems, design guards, and or emergency stop systems before putting into operation.
  • Always provide and maintain guarding sufficient to prevent contact with moving machine parts.
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing when working near moving machine parts.
  • Do not place yourself in a position that will expose you to hazards while performing a task.
  • Provide and maintain a safe means of access to all working places.

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